28th June 2018

Application for funding to support activities in relation to Ringing Remembers recruitment

Guidance Notes

  1. Before making an application, we advise that you take time to read the form and its notes fully, taking care to ensure that your project meets the criteria in paragraph 8.
  2. The Central Council and Ringing Remembers campaign encourages ringers to promote ringing activities in an effort to recruit new ringers and is always ready to give advice on promotion of events and the Ringing Remembers campaign.
  3. The aim of this form is to collate all relevant facts.
  4. Grant Applications for minor promotional and training events are considered by the Grants Sub-committee as soon as practicable and as a matter of urgency. The maximum grant likely to be offered will be £250.
  5. Grants will not be made for retrospective applications.
  6. The application form must be completed as fully as possible and the following documentation must be supplied:
    • Quotes for hire of equipment, and
    • Details of other financial assistance being given towards this event.
  7. The Grants Sub-committee has been empowered by the Executive of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers to make grants to churches for minor financial assistance towards promotion and training activities in relation to the Ringing Remembers campaign.
  8. Financial assistance will be limited to promotion and training events and will exclude:
    •  Any and all maintenance work required on the bells in order to support the event
    • Urgent Health and Safety work
  9. VAT (where applicable) should be SHOWN SEPARATELY and an indication of VAT reclaimable should be included.
  10. Any local or special circumstances may be taken into consideration. These should be detailed on the application form.
  11. Any conditions pertaining to payment of the grant will be advised when the results of the application are notified.
  12. Multiple or linked applications may not be accepted as it might suggest the work falls outside the intended purpose. This will be at the discretion of the sub-committee.
  13. Central Council Officers and the Ringing Remembers Co-ordinator are always willing to give advice and provide instruction and assistance.
  14. If your application is successful, you will be required to submit information after the event that can be used for the purposes of promoting the Ringing Remembers campaign. This can include a write up of the event, how many people have started to learn to ring as a result of your event and may include photographs (after appropriate permissions have been sought). This information may be used on the CCCBR website and social media sites, the Ringing Remembers social media sites and The Big Ideas Co. social media and newsletter sites.
  15. Funding will be offered until such time as the available funds are exhausted, after which point, funding will no longer be available through this source.

Application Form

Church and Dedication
Name of person submitting the application
Postal address
Email address
Daytime phone number
Evening phone number (if different)
Describe how your project reflects the aims of the Ringing Remembers project
Describe how many people will be affected by your event
Please provide a quote, or detailed expected expenditure for your event
Describe how your activity will continue to support the aims of the Ringing Remembers project after your event
Please provide information relating to other financial support being given for your event