24th January 2018


  • Not found anywhere to ring at yet? Help us to help you – checkout this guide to finding a tower near you.
  • Badges are now being dispatched. Priority is being given where Your status below shows ‘I can ring in rounds unassisted’. The date your badge was dispatched will be shown below. If there is more than one Ringing Remembers ringer at your tower they may all have been sent together to one address – please check with your fellow ringers before contacting us with any queries.
  • Make sure you update Your Status. We now need to know your status as of 11th November 2018, especially if you canĀ ring in rounds. While we appreciate you telling us how you are doing in the feedback, we use this status field when filtering for posting and compiling out statistics.
  • Don’t forget to click on UPDATE (and rectify any error messages).
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1 Big Ideas need a full postal address in order to send you your Ringing Remembers badge. Please mark it as 'C/o ...' if it isn't your own.
2 Please note: we will be making background checks via your affiliated society/tutor to verify you do have the consent of your parent/guardian!


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