24th January 2018

Profile Help

You may change the following details in your profile:

  • Forename(s)
  • Surname
  • Email Address – this must be a valid address, as you will need it to re-set your password. It must also be unique on the system. If you change your email, a notification will be sent to your previous email account.
  • Postal Address – we need this so we can contact you, and find a suitable tower to ring at. If you don’t want to give your full address, at least enter your town and county.
  • Post Code – we also need this so we find a suitable tower for you to ring at. Please enter at least the ‘Outer’ code (e.g. S41).
  • Country – please be aware that there are very few ringing towers outside the UK.
  • Phone Number – if you can provide this it can be useful as a direct means of contact.
  • Your Status – please update this from the list. If you are no longer ringing and would like your details removed permanently please email us.
  • Feedback – please provide any comments regarding the registration and learning process. This will remain confidential within the Ringing Remembers team (but we may publish it anonymously).
  • Information sent to – this shows the Affiliated Society your details were sent to – and the date they were sent.
  • Ringing At – please enter the tower you are ringing at. Ideally to match that held on our Dove database. We need the location, followed by a dedication where there is ambiguity, please.
  • Tower Contact – please enter the name of your tower contact. This may contain the name of the Affiliated Society contact – please overwrite with your tutor or tower captain if you are now ringing (or have a lesson booked).
  • How did you hear about Ringing Remembers? and What inspired or motivated you to take part? – Please provide this (or update) as you wish.  We (and the Big Ideas Company) would really appreciate it.
  • Date of Birth – please enter if under 18 years of age, otherwise check the ‘I am 18 or over’ box. If you have a Safari browser, you may need to manually clear the date (click on the date – you should then see a Clear option).

To reset your password, please use the ‘Forgot your Password?’ link on the login form. This will email you a link to reset your password (ensuring that your current email address is still valid). We have had reports of difficulty setting passwords on mobile (Android) devices. After asking for a password reset, you need to close down any browsers (reboot your device if necessary). When you get your email, hold down on the link and choose ‘Open in a browser’.

Supported Browsers

Please be aware we are a voluntary organisation. We have a limited budget for testing our software. We develop and test using Firefox, and are not aware of any compatibility problems when using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

We do not have access to Apple devices such as Mac, iPad or iPhone. These come with the Safari browser by default (which is only available on Apple hardware). We are aware of a number of issues with this browser – please help us out by installing and trying an alternative such as Firefox or Chrome if you have difficulties.