24th January 2018


Please note. To qualify for registration as already learning, or a returning ringer, you must have had your first lesson, or restarted ringing, on or after 1st August 2017.

First, please verify you are not a robot and then choose from the following three options

I would like to learn to ring. Please show me how.
I have already started lessons. Please count me in.
I used to ring many years ago. I have been inspired to take up the Exercise again.
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New Ringer, or Returning Ringer looking for somewhere to ring at? We have had quite a lot of registrations in some areas, and our tutors are quite busy, so we can’t guarantee you will be ringing by Remembrance Sunday – it usually takes several weeks from your first lesson to be able to ring in ’rounds’ without help. But do continue to register (the project is to recruit ringers – you can do so up to 11th November),  and we will do our best to find you somewhere to ring at.

Already Learning, or Returning Ringer with a tower to ring at? The deadline for registering in order to receive your badge in time for Armistice Day was 11th October. You can continue to register up and until 11th November, but may receive your badge some time after.