Thank You All

We have had an overwhelming (in some areas) in response to the campaign:

  • Over 3500 registrations
  • Over 1600 have reported they can ring in rounds
  • Another 1100 who have had a first lesson
  • Over 200 who are waiting for one

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, especially the teachers in over 1100 churches worldwide. Especially Kilmood, Northern Ireland (a brand new ring for Armistice 100) who currently hold the record with 15 recruits registered. But watch this space – things could change as there are several towers in second place with 14.

Thank you for everyone who took part – not just those who registered, With over 1100 towers taking part, there has been a countless number of ringers who have been teaching, and supporting, all the recruits. The equivalent across the globe of at least 10 years of non-stop effort!

Ringing Remembers Team