11th August 2018

Update Your Profile – and Receive Your Badge

Please login and update your profile details (if you have forgotten your password request a reset here). We need an accurate postal address (including post/zip code), so we can send your badge to you. Also, in order to receive your badge, you must make sure that you have select Yes to the consent field, so we can pass your details on to the Big Ideas Company.

At the same time, please update your status so we know how you are progressing (and, if you don’t mind, please keep it up to date over the next few months). We are also interested in knowing where you are ringing at, and who your tutor (or tower captain) is (this may contain the name of the person we initially contacted – if it isn’t correct please overwrite it). There is also space to provide (in confidence) feedback on your experience so far, if you so wish.

You do not need to provide your own address! If you give someone else’s address (with their permission, of course), please start it with “C/o”. We may be be sending badges for ringers at the same tower to the same address, so make sure your church and dedication is clearly identified – ideally it should match that on the Dove Database please.

We appreciate that ringing is not for everyone. If for whatever reason you have decided that it isn’t for you, please login, and set your status to ‘I am no longer ringing’ (and, if you can, give us some feedback why).

Either way, it is important that you do login and update your record, especially your status, so we don’t  keep pestering you!

We have had reports of difficulty setting passwords on mobile (Android) devices. After asking for a password reset, you need to close down any browsers (reboot your device if necessary). When you get your email, hold down on the link and choose ‘Open in a browser’. If you have tried this and are still having difficulty, please email us and we can set a password for you – if possible give a mobile number we can send the password to.

We have also had reports of difficulty setting dates of birth on Safari browsers. If you are over 18, you need to select the date of birth and then select the Clear option to clear it. Other browsers – such as Firefox and Chrome – don’t appear to have that problem.

In case you haven’t seen the announcement regarding ringing on the 11th November, everyone is asked where possible to ring half muffled for the 11:00 AM Act of Remembrance, then OPEN (not muffled) at 12:30 pm BST (1:30 CET, or 12:30 pm local time worldwide). You may also like to ring OPEN for Battle’s Over at 7:05 pm. If neither of these is practical, then ring as appropriate according to local circumstances. (Please pass this information on to your Tower Captain in case it doesn’t arrive by the ‘usual channels’!)