What Next?

If you are now ringing in rounds (well done), or are about to, here are a few ideas for what to do next:

  • Keep up to date with ringing events. Visit the Central Council, Ringing World and BellBoard websites.
  • Join your local ringing society – and take an active part in it.
  • If you are under 18, ask if your local ringing society has a young ringers group. Many take part in the Ringing World National Youth competition. You may not be ready this year – but in a few years you could be.
  • Ring in the New Year. Its a brilliant experience, especially if your team fires the bells at midnight! But remember – not too much alcohol beforehand (sorry).
  • Ring a quarter peal. It may be a few months before you are able, but we do know some of you have rung one already.
  • Ring for a wedding. You usually get paid for this too.
  • Keep progressing. Ringing is a wonderful hobby (as well as a service) but you can never stop progressing. There is always something more challenging to do.
  • Don’t despair. You may think ringing its getting harder. That’s because we give you harder things to do. See above.